Supporting our Sustainability Drive

One of the critical aspects we’ve learnt through Covid-19, is that any charity / NGO HAS to create ways to be sustainable in order to serve those they’re called to serve more effectively.

We’re asking both supporters and partners to lift us to a level of higher impact through supporting our sustainability drive. What we’re specifically asking supporters and partners is for 100 people to each donate R 150 / about & $ 10 US for the next year. The aim of that is to help cover the basic operating costs of the organization. In this way, we aim to maximise our service and kingdom investment into our four S4J projects.

Here is a link to partner for 12 months with the Sudan Support Network (SSNet) in donating an amount of at least R 150 / $10 US. Be part of God’s solution in helping us to take the SSNet to the next level in all we do, to the glory of God.

Run/Walk/Exercise for Bibles!

Blessing the people of Sudan and South Sudan with the Living Word of God.

Joy through having received the Bible in Sudan.

On 15 August 2020, a Run/Walk/Exercise for Bibles is taking place. You would have the opportunity to bless the people of Sudan and South Sudan through the S4J Bibles project.

The S4J is partnering with others to print, send and deliver 60,000 New Testaments and 10,000 complete Bibles to the people of Sudan and South Sudan.

You are encouraged to enter by making a donation of R 40. Send your name and surname as well as proof of donation to Norman. Do your 5 or 10 km run or walk on 15 August, on your own in your area with all social distance measures taken into account. Send a pic or detail of your activity by 3 pm (15:00)to Nuno. No less than FOUR cash prizes of R 500-00 each, 5 x 1 kg delicious Barika Coffee (whole beans or ground beans) would be allocated during a random draw later that afternoon. The draw is administered by Nuno.

This is a wonderful opportunity to bless the people of Sudan and South Sudan with Bibles in various languages of their choice.

Here is the link to the events page. Please have a look and take part if at all possible. It takes R 5 to sponsor a NewTestament and R 16 to sponsor a complete Bible.

Leoni Karsten-Raats posted on her Facebook page: My FB friends and family. Willem and I have already enrolled for the #SudanBibleProject 🏃 ✝️ The Campaign asks that we make a donation of R40. Even if it is R 5 for the New Testament and R16 a Bible. You are not limited to just the R40 and can make bigger donations of your choice ✝️ ✔️ I’m going to walk 3 x 5 km (for my mom, dad, and Uncle Steve) next Saturday, 15 Aug 2020. ✔️ With my entry, I paid 3 x x thereby sponsoring 3 x Bibles for Sudan. ✔️ Willem is going to walk 1 x 5 km and also sponsored a Bible of R16 for Sudan. ✔️ As a family, we could help 4 people each get a Bible. How awesome is this! You can also make a difference. Let’s bring Susan’s people closer to God ✝️✝️✝️
Tian Basson recently ran 100 km on 27 June 2020 and fundraised more than R 36,000 for the S4J Bibles for Sudan project. Here are the link to his profile on BackaBuddy.

Below are some pics of previous trips with Bibles for the people of Sudan and South Sudan.

Blessing through the S4J Challenge on 1 May 2020

On 1 May 2020 you will have an opportunity to bless the people of Sudan and South Sudan through the S4J Fundraiser Challenge. Details to enter below.

The S4J serves the people of Sudan and South Sudan through, among other, four projects. These include: 1. Access to clean water. 2. Basic care and education for children. 3. Eye surgeries. 4. Bibles. These projects developed through ongoing partnering relationships with both quality field partners and local partners in Sudan & beyond over many years. More info on S4J projects here and here.

To do the S4J fundraiser challenge you have to EITHER: do a ONE-hour fitness activity OR: do a 5 km / 10 km or 15 km run. This Friday would be the first day that people in South Africa would be allowed to run outside their properties under specific regulations that will be published by the SA Government this coming Thursday. Link to the events page.

Blind Sakkie Parson is going to do an hour on his treadmill.
David and Dianne Condron is going to do it from the USA.

One of the ways you could contribute to the S4J projects, is through our page on BackaBuddy. Link to S4J on BackaBuddy.

Welcome to the S4J 2020 team

It was a wonderful week at S4J. Fourteen new athletes signed up at the S4J 2020 team. Welcome to each of you! At the S4J, we give people an opportunity to be actively involved in a worthwhile cause.

We have the opportunity to bless the people of Sudan with access to clean water, renewed eyesight through corrective eye surgeries, Bibles in their own language and means of living and educational opportunities for children.

Welcome to Marelize Stokhof, Therese Doman, Trudi Fourie, Hansie Louw, Dokka le Grange, Liza Hietbrink, Rosemary Tonkin, Henk Janse van Rensburg, Moneen Smit, Arrie Preller, Lizette Sander, Diederick Steyn, Richard Assegaai, and Phillip du Toit.

Cornel Metcalfe made a wonderful contribution to the S4J children’s project.

The S4J and the man with a panga

You might wonder what does the S4J and a man with a panga have in common. It would be a library full of stories to share how the S4J’s current involvement with children in South Sudan started. James Lual Atak just got connected to the S4J for our children’s project in Nymlal, South Sudan. Here is an introduction to that story.

James Lual Atak

In 2013, the S4J wanted to produce a video to create awareness on South Sudan. Apart from the main video script, a friend and colleague, Arrie Preller, enthusiastically shared an additional possibility for whoever wants to make a movie on the story about A Man with a Panga. It was the story of James Lual Atak.

James Lual with some of the children he cares for in South Sudan.

Arrie shared how James, who grew up as one of the so-called Lost Boys of South Sudan, was mentored and cared for by a former colleague of his known as George William. George was a missionary living and working in South Sudan.

At some stage, James got the opportunity to resettle in Virginia, USA. Everything was arranged for him to move to America and enjoy a better life. But on the other hand, he had a vision to start a centre that would care for vulnerable children like he was cared for as one as a boy.

During that time, James shared his calling from God to care for vulnerable children in South Sudan with George. James wanted some financial support for that. George said, “if you have a panga, you can make a start!” So James started his journey, and eventually set up base in Nymlal with a small tent George William gave him. He started by clearing the bush to make space for a school to be built someday.

James started by inviting children to come and learn. He started with a group of 153 children. He divided them in three groups. He would have each group of 51 children sit under a tree. The three trees were close to one another. He moved between the three groups, just starting to teach the children the most basic parts of education.

He had NO materials, no assistance other than his voice and the will to succeed. He just started teaching the most basic education through singing. People in the community told him: “You are crazy! What are you trying to do here?”

James says: “I prayed; I believed, that people somewhere around this world, will support what I’m doing. I don’t know when and I don’t know where I will find that person, but God will bring that someone”.

James’ told his life story in this video.

To hear the story on James in far greater detail, here is a link to a video. The original video was produced by the West Point Center for Oral History (COH). James also tell the amazing story of how he, with others, established a school for orphans and other vulnerable children.

The school is situated in Nymlal, South Sudan. “Nymlal (also spelled Nyamlell) is a populated place in the Northern Bahr el Ghazal state in South Sudan, north-west of the town of Aweil on the banks of the Lol River.” Link to information.

The spot on the map of South Sudan where the S4J is involved with vulnerable children through James Lual.
Learners in the science lab of the school.

Today, New Life Ministry (NLM) is home to Darfur Muslim orphans and Southern Sudanese Christian and Animist orphans. James does not discriminate among those who need his help, and his compassion does not end with children.

The S4J team is excited to be involved with James and the school. James has on behalf of the school expressed sincere appreciation for support received from the S4J. To God be the glory! More to follow on this story.