Delmas Farm Run / Walk for S4J

What a fun way to impact a nation!

They came from all over to do the run / walk for a greater cause. The Delmas 4.9 km Farm Run / Walk took place at the Witklip Farm just outside Delmas. Clearly those who participated in this event had a lot of fun.

Kerneels & Cisca Louwrens here with Annalie du Preez
Girl in the middle’s face just shows her absolute delight in completing the race

The fundraiser aims to help a community in Sudan with acees to clean water. The idea came through Rev. Evert Bergh to do this, by the community of Delmas, as a fundraiser for the S4J water project in Sudan.

Evert Bergh, through whom the idea for the fundraiser came, addressing the crowd at the prize-giving.
Elna Schoeman from the Witklip Farm, opening their farm with an amazing spirit of hospitality to all who participated at the race.
Piet Smit ensured great atmosphere at the race by providing the music.
Myrtle Zwarts represented the Highveld Pumas Athletic Club who co-hosted the race.


Sarlina Prinsloo did this race with her sons.
Winners old and young. This one is of the boys at the prize-giving.
For many at the race, it was just a special time with family and loved ones. Here Annalie du Preez enjoys the company of her son Ruan.
Chagné Pohl and Anthony Bold waiting on the start of the prize-giving.
Juline Erasmus looks chuffed with her prize.
A favorite at Delmas, Rina Buckle, with newest S4J athete, Cara Myburgh (left) and a friend.
Even mothers with babies were present at the race.
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S4J at Romans Pizza Phobians 15 km Race

The S4J team will have the privilege to serve athletes at a water-point at the Romans Pizza Phobians 15 km Race on 19 August 2017.

More more detail on the water-point and race, click on the events page.

The team serving at last year’s S4J water-point.

[foogallery id=”188″]

Here are some pics taken of the S4J water-point at last year’s race.

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37 Mistakes Runners Can’t Stop Making

18 Jul 2017

Link to web article here.

Yes, we know better. It doesn’t matter. Even if we’ve been running for years, we continue to make these rookie errors. – By Cindy Kuzma



In a perfect world, we’d train hard, race smart, recover well, and live a balanced, healthy life. In reality, we fall prey to the same errors over and over. Among them:

1. Going out too fast.
We’re flying! We’re flying! We’re… crashing and burning.

2. Forgetting the Vaseline.
Innocent bystanders hear the screams when hot shower water hits raw, chafed skin.

Photograph by Matt Rainey

Photograph by Matt Rainey

3. Over-dressing for a long run.
We obsess about the “real-feel” temperature for hours and still end up with three jackets around the waist halfway through a run.

4. Not warming up.
Going straight from commute or desk chair to kilometre repeats seemed like a good idea. Our legs had different thoughts. Don’t forget to warm up!

5. Skipping the stretching and foam-rolling afterward.
Then: “I don’t have time before Walking Dead.” The next day: Moves like a zombie from Walking Dead. Foam rolling isn’t THAT bad, but make sure you’re doing it right!


6. That new Mexican joint the night before an important workout.
I thought there was a porta-potty around this next corner? Or was it back there?

7. Forgetting sunscreen in the first race of spring.
Burn, baby, burn.

8. Going out too fast…again.
Hitting the wall once just wasn’t enough.

9. Using negative self-talk.
Who needs a mean coach when you can call yourself slow, fat, and stupid? Leave the negativity behind.

10. Running too hard on easy days.
If it’s not hurting, you’re not doing it right. Right?

People Images

People Images

11. Cramming for a race.
Oh, it’s July? (Looks at calendar.) Marathon’s in September? Sure, that 16-week training plan can squeeze into 8 weeks.

12. Not charging our phone or GPS watch.
Nothing conveys energy like a blank screen.

13. Pushing through an injury.
I’ll just get this one more run in and then I’ll take some extra days off.

14. Overtraining.
If it’s not hurting, you’re not doing it right. Right? Right?

15. Ignoring the core.
Planks. Who needs ’em? Everyone.

16. Skipping strength training altogether.
I’m a runner. I run. I don’t want to look like Arnold.

17. Forgetting a post-run snack.
The runger is real. Snack on these.

Photograph by Mitch Mandel

Photograph by Mitch Mandel

18. Followed by… bingeing later in the day.
Why am I gaining weight during marathon training?

19. Going out too fast in an interval workout.
Don’t mind us, we’re still working on our pacing

20. Running too much, too soon.
If it’s not hurting, you’re not doing it right. Right? Right? Right?

21. Making up missed kays on the weekend.
Sure, if I do 10 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday, I can still get to 25 for the week in my training log.

22. Trying those new shoes/shorts/hat/socks on race day.
Forgot to do laundry, so here, do me a favour and rip the tags off of these for me quick…

23. Spending hours at the race expo.
Energy gel samples. Beer samples. Coffee samples. What could possibly go wrong?

24. Skipping rest days.
Rest is for wimps.


25. Wearing our shoes into the ground.
Really, they’re fine. They still look good!

26. Doubting ourselves.
I suddenly have absolutely no memory of the training I did to get here. And therefore, I’m slow, fat, and stupid.

27. Not taking water on the trail.
You mean “stay thirsty” was not meant to be taken literally?

Ewald Sadie

Ewald Sadie

28. Not practicing our fuelling strategy.
Eh, guess I’ll take a gel or two somewhere between kays 5 and 20, no biggie.

29. Doing group workouts on recovery days.
Do stair climbing and burpee competitions qualify as a break from the stress of running?

30. Always heading out along the same route.
Last week I was at 22:38 at this light post and today I’m only at 22:47. Better pick it up.

31. Comparing ourselves to other runners.
My only competition is myself. Oh, and the 5,000 people I follow on Strava.

32. Buying too-small shoes.
Toenails are optional, right?


33. Poorly timing our pre-race bathroom breaks.
“Runners, you have three minutes. Please make your way over to the trees.”

34. Being a slave to our training plan.
Just because I was up with a vomiting kid all night doesn’t mean I can’t do my kilometres. Right?

35. Not sleeping enough.
Five hours is only two hours less than seven, which isn’t too bad.

36. Going out too fast in a long run.
Why limit the pain of bonking to race day?

37. Going out too fast in a race.
After all, it’s what we practiced!

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S4J at Delmas Farm-Run-Walk

One of the FUN activities of the S4J team, is to BE involved at ROAD RACES. A Farm run / walk is organised for 29 July 2017 to benefit the S4J projects. Here is some more information on the event, especially to those of you who would like to participate.

More info on the event is available at this link.

Imagine! A fun run / walk on a FARM!

Appreciation is also given to the organizers of this initiative – fun run & walk, a fundraiser for S4J projects, and fellowship afterwards (kuier / braai).



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