Gavin’s quest for the S4J at Triple Challenge


Gavin Pansegouw is an athlete, part of the S4J team of athletes, aiming to bless the people of Sudan and South Sudan through the Triple Challenge weekend of 27 -28 January 2018. Gavin is using the Triple Challenge as a fundraiser through the S4J and invites friends to join him in this.

Below is a note he posted on his Facebook page, giving more detail on how to become involved.

“Hi Friends

After the Broken collarbone, the triple challenge has become slightly more daunting…But it will be done.

As this is a Charity event, the idea is to raise funds for S4J. I would like to ask that each runner attempting the triple pay an entrance fee of R250, directly on to the Page below. 

I am trying to get a decent long sleeve training shirt donated for your efforts, which will be given on completion of this event (Completion means each run needs to be done in under 5 hours, so if you run 03H00; 03H00 and 05H01 that equals failure )…

Here are the plans

Friday evening the 26th , we gather at my place in Randfontein! have a braai and meet our Drivers Jake & Christine

Saturday 27th 03H30 …leave for Akasia…
Saturday 27th 06H00 … Race Starts
Saturday 27th 11H30 …Leave for Ottosdal

Saturday 27th 17H00…Race Starts
Saturday 27th 23H00…Leave For Johnsons Crane

Sunday 28th 06H00..Race Starts
Sunday 28th 11H30…Braai at finish with S4J Team (Norman to confirm)
Sunday 28th 15H00..return to my house in Randfontein

I have a 8 seater Bus, and a trailer available for this, please can you let me know who is in for the trip so i know if i have enough transportation for this event

Bus Seats taken
1) Jake Pansegrouw – Driver
2) Christine Pansegrouw – Co – Driver
3) Lorinda – Host and Ottosdal runner
4) Gavin – Triple participant
5) Louis Malan – Triple Participant
6) Shane van Dam – Triple Participant
7) Hazel Moller – Triple Participant
8) Justin Sher – Triple Participant
9) Lindsay Van Aswegen – Triple Participant

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Preparing for 2018!

Planing for the Future

We are heavily involved in the planning sessions for 2018 at our offices in Pretoria. 2018 promises to be a year full of excitement and activity. Included in our sessions are some initiatives we would like to try out next year like:

  • Have stronger presence at more of the races leading up to Comrades
  • Create a clear brand message our athletes can identify with and rally behind
  • Promote the use our fundraising online platform, S4J at BackaBuddy, for all our athletes

These are just some of the projects we will be actioning for the coming year. We here at SSNET are very excited and cannot wait to start the new year. So, look out for news and make sure you follow us on Facebook. We will keep you updates through all our media streams.

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S4J at Kaapsehoop Marathon 2017

The S4J team had the privilege to serve athletes at the 2017 Kaapsehoop Marathon. While thousands of athletes, including of the S4J team, ran the marathon, the S4J support team took about 2,500 photos to share with the athletes community after the race.

“One of the highlights to me was introducing the newly appointed S4J Facilitator, Eddie Howden, to the culture of S4J serving athletes at races. Eddie had been involved with the S4J some years ago, but this would be his first full-on exposure as full-time facilitator.” Norman Johnson.

Here is a glimpse into Eddie’s journey with some random pics of the race towards the end of this article:

Here is Eddie’s take on that first exposure. “I arrived at the Kaapsehoop race with a certain amount of indifference, not really in the mood for it. This soon changed gradually to inspiration for myself to get involved at a deeper level in the S4J initiative. After the race while mingling with the athletes, I met up with Rowyn James, Race Director for the 2018 Comrades. My fate was sealed. It was there that I knew that I have an appointment with the 2018 Comrades Marathon. The vibe around the S4J brand and just the sense of community amongst the athletes made my decision easier. I also started thinking about some great ideas how we can take the S4J brand to new heights in 2018. So, watch this space. It’s going to be a great ride. ”

Race Director at Comrades Marathon Association, Rowyn James, with Eddie Howden, newly appointed S4J Facilitator.
When it’s all been said and done…Eddie Howden, newly appointed S4J facilitator in a relaxed mood at the S4J (SSNet) Office, during the week after the Kaapsehoop Marathon.

Below are some random pics of S4J athletes at the 2017 Kaapsehoop Marathon. Click on the thumbnails to see full size pictures.

[foogallery id=”334″]


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