“Wow #S4JTripleChallenge…done and Dusted!”

  At Akasia

This is the story of the S4J Triple Challenge and how Gavin Pansegrouw experienced it:
“Final verdict SUCCESS! We exceeded out fundraising goals, and man did we create some awareness!!!

Norman you run a great organization and anyone can see and year your passion for this project…well done!

Jake, Christine you guys probably had the most stressful duty. Driving us around on those roads in those conditions at those hours…you got us there safe and sound THANK YOU!!

At Ottosdal

Vanessa, Louis if it weren’t for you guys this would have failed. The efforts your enthusiasm you took up the challenge as if it was your project, amazing support from great friends!

Lorinda…bokkie…your support and help and understanding was perfection you really are a remarkable lady! And you done this all while running your own qualifier and PB

Shane…every crazy idea I have to are there running it with me…thx for sacrificing your time and effort to support the cause

Louis a huge effort actually an inspiring effort to turn your training around the way you did is amazing…I’m hugely proud of what you done in such a little time…nevermind all the other support you give in many other ways…thank you my friend!”

Gavin and his team have been wonderful ambassadors for S4J


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