Comrades entries now Closed!

You will not believe it but the Comrades entries are Closed. We notice on the Comrades web that the sale of the entries this year was unprecedented.

In the history of the Comrades Marathon, entries have never been snapped up as quickly as they are going for next year’s Up Run.”

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So S4J team, we do hope you have secured your number.

Comrades and the whole experience has been so good to the S4J brand in the years gone by. We have been able to do so much good for the people of Sudan:

  • We have been able to fund the drilling of a borehole in Nimule, Southern South Sudan
  • We have sent 100 000 Sudanese dialect Bibles to the refugee camp in Kakuma in July of last year
  • We were able to assist our Children’s Fund partners with funds for their upliftment work in the Nuba Mountains
  • And this year we will be able to assist the Beja People of North Eastern Sudan with Social Upliftment Programs.

This season is going to be super exciting as we are planning three recruitment drives at races and we are extending our presence into the corporate world as well.

We wish all our friends at S4J a safe and injury-free training program up to Comrades. We promise you…we will see you on the road.

Warm Regards – Eddie

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The Story of Ester: Saved from a Nightmare

I met a girl called Esther in Uganda while visiting there on my mission’s trip. Her story was heartbreaking. Click here to hear it.

There are so many children and young adults in Africa that need help that sometimes the task feels overwhelming. But every soul we help, every child we nurture, we bring the Kingdom of God closer to our worlds we live in.

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Nimule, South Sudan – Living Water

After staying over at Juba overnight, I was off to Nimule which is approx 200km away from Juba. Due to Rebel forces activity on the road it was not safe to travel by road.

The Catholic Church I slept over in at Nimule

I was then taken to the village where we had funded the drilling of a waterhole. It was such an emotional experience I could not really understand why I was feeling this way about it. For those of you who know me well, this was not me. And yet the Holy Spirit moved me there in that village.

The chief spoke and thanked us for the water and then his wife said this:

The Chief's wife telling her story

“We used to carry water from the town to our village on our heads in buckets. Because of this labour our hair at the top our heads stopped growing. Now that we have this borehole we do not have to carry on our heads anymore so the hair will grow back. Thank you for allowing us to be beautiful again.” Enough said!

I had wonderful times with the staff of IAS in Nimule and hope to return soon to the place.

I was on my way back to Juba for an overnight stay and then back to Entebbe. This was indeed a trip worth the wait.

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