Kyryandongo: A place where God’s Grace abounds

Our partner in the Children’s Project, Daniel Barbanti, took his team to visit a refugee camp in the north of Uganda in November. There are approx 50 000 South Sudanese refugees in this camp. Unfortunately they could not enter the camp itself but ministered at the field hospital on the outside. This is their story:


On Thursday, after approximately 6 hours of travel, we arrived in the vicinity of a UN-backed refugee camp. Our desire was to visit the camp, especially for the children. Due to the vulnerability of the refugees, security is extremely tight. Many refugees bear marks of violence, loss, pain, terror, fear … However, we know God raises valuable people on earth to be the voice of those who can no longer speak, be the dignity and justice of those forgotten by their own homeland. The sun was scorching, we were sitting inside the car waiting for our leader to resolve the documentations to schedule a visit. We decided to start praying for this nation with a history of so much loss and sorrow.

We all prayed individually in agreement, and suddenly my turn came … I could not synthesize in a few words the petition necessary for these people, but I asked for something special: “God connect us to a single person of this nation. As I prayed, I heard a sweet, sad voice singing. At first I thought I was over listening, but when we finished we saw a small boy at the window singing. He carried in his body the mark of his tribe and in his heart the mark of hunger and war. Anywhere in the world a child singing can be a happy moment, but this song broke our heart. His sweet voice expressed that the UN was welcome, that in the walk to the camp his parents had died in the war and some brothers got lost. He said that school was good for those who could study … So small, he composes his own songs, all bathed in loss and pain. Fear is expressed in his attitudes, he did not allow us to approach, he was afraid to receive our food, but left in us an image to remember in our prayers. She left vivid image of war and the sadness that it leaves behind.

Let us pray for the refugees. Let us pray that the kingdom of the Lord may be revealed on earth. Pray for peace in the Sudan’s.

Kristina Kezia Jorge


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