A very hot Sunday!

Deloitte’s has come and gone, but I cannot shrug off the feeling of what could have been.

The day started off with glorious weather and a full and vibrant team at our water point at Pretoria Boys High. We were given enough ice,water and coldrink sachets to start the day off.

A second load of ice came at around 9am for which we were most grateful. But it soon became apparent that the water was not going to last the race. There was also no water to be had from other points. As we feared the water ran out at around 10:30am. We then resorted to other means of getting water to the athletes.

This is our Plan B.


These were not water sachets but the next best thing.I did start wondering though if the Deloitte’s Marathon was taking a huge step backward regarding organization of the even. You almost got the feeling that it was more of a hassle than the opportunity to present a premium event.

Horror stories of other mishaps at water points come trickling through via the athletes: no water, only four helpers at a table, no ice, and so on.

So to Deloitte’s: Not a great show guys!

To the athletes: It was a privilege to be of service to you!

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