S4J and the St Mary’s Connection

This past weekend we hosted a water table at Om die Dam for the first time! It was a young affair as we, also for the first time, invited students from St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls in Pretoria to assist us as part of their Social Responsibilities commitments. We also had a couple of our S4J stalwarts present to keep the young-uns in tow.

Unfortunately there were a couple of hiccups with the race organization, but even so, it was a memorable day. What was different at this event for us was the enthusiasm that the girls brought with them. There is no substitute for youth! They performed the task with reckless abandon which was so refreshing. We will most certainly make use of the girls at DSG again if they will have us.

Thanks so much to the S4J “staatmakers”. This would not be the same without you!

Eddie Howden


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2 thoughts on “S4J and the St Mary’s Connection”

  1. Thanks Eddie, it was a privilege to assist the team and I agree, the youth most definitely made a big difference. Praise God for protecting all.

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