Our Coffee is Here!

SSNET and S4J are proud to announce the launch of our very own Barika Coffee brand to further augment our fundraising efforts and help the people of Sudan and South Sudan. A God-inspired idea to further His Kingdom on earth.

Why a Story?

Barika, which means “blessing” in Arabic, represents quite simply, the freshest African coffee on the planet. Only the highest quality coffee beans are sourced, grown and harvested in rich African soil.
By specializing in direct trade with African coffee farmers, we help to build trade relationships with these communities. We are able to actively see how purchases of Barika Coffee are directly benefiting the source. Together with this the S4J fundraising initiative further assists the people of this region with our ongoing projects namely the Water, Children’s, Beja People’s and Bible Projects. In short; Every cup of Barika Coffee you enjoy, you will be giving a helping had to the people of Sudan and South Sudan!

How to order?

Call (012) 460 7877

We have 1kg and 250g packets available in Ground and Whole Bean

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