An Incredible week at Sudan / S4J / Barika Coffee / Delmas connection!

This is about as huge as it gets. All happening in ONE week…THIS week! It is a wonderful reminder of the S4J slogan: Changing Lives and Changing Nations !

  1. Sudan under new management.
  2. S4J 2020 year launched with 19 athletes joining four groups via BackaBuddy.
  3. The newly launched S4J coffee brand, Barika coffee’s online shop launched.
  4. The Beloved Clana Heydenrych from Delmas passed on to higher glory.

Sudan under new management.

A massive transition is taking place in Sudan. This week the new Sovreign Council was sworn in. Former President Omar al – Bashir is behind bars and under trial.

With former president Bashir on trial and behind bars… Photo link.
The new Sovereign Council has been sworn in on Wednesday 21 August 2019. Photo link.
General Abdel Fattah Al Burhan after being sworn in as head of Sudan’s newly formed sovereign council on August 21, 2019. EPA

The little-known general leading Sudan’s transition

New Prime Minister 

Hours after the new 11-member sovereign council took office in Sudan, the country’s new prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, was sworn in and vowed to make achieving peace and solving the country’s economic crisis a priority. Link to article on this.

The newly launched S4J coffee brand: Barika coffee’s online shop opened.

At S4J we’re fundraising to bless the people of Sudan and South Sudan in various practical ways, such as corrective eye surgeries, access to clean water, children’s education where it’s most needed and supplying Bibles to people in their own languages.

To strengthen wat we do as S4J, we’ve been blessed with our brand new own coffee brand, Barika Coffee. Barika means “blessing” in Arabic. This week we’ve been blessed to launch our online coffee store. The effect of that is that people from anywhere in South Africa, could now order Barika Coffee online. Funds raised in this way would be to fund our mission.

The S4J Barika Coffee online store launched. Barika is COFFEE WITH A STORY. To read more about this, go to the following link on our Barika website:

About The Company

Barika Coffee – coffee with a story.

To have a look at our brand new Barika website, click on this link

S4J Year 2020 launched with 19 athletes joining 4 groups via BackaBuddy.

The S4J uses the BackaBuddy as a platform to create a profile for each S4J athlete, fundraising for our S4J projects. During the past two days, no less than 19 athletes signed up for the S4J 2020 year that runs from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020.

Here is the link to our S4J fundraiser on BackaBuddy

Manda Gomes joined the S4J team on a visit to Beja country in February 2019. Here is a link to a short video on her story.

Every athlete has their own story. We appreciate everyone of the.

Our very first athlete that volunteered to be part of the S4J 2020 has her own amazing story of transformation. Anoeska Rautenbach’s won testimony that she weighed in at 130 kg in 2013. This changed to less that half that size weighing in at 61 kg. She is aiming to do the 89 km Comrades Marathon on 14 June 2020.

Anoeska at 130 kg in 2013…now at 61 kg. S4J, changing lives and changing nations.

The beloved Clana Heydenrych from Delmas passed on to higher glory.

Beloved Clana Heydenrych from our Delmas Beja prayer group passed away this week.

Clana Heydenrych here with S4J 2019 athlete Andy Foster. Mixed feelings! Well dearly miss Clana. Andy fundraised an incredible more than 10,000 Canadian dollar for corrective eye surgeries among the Beja during the S4J 2019 year through her running of the 2019 Comrades Marathon.

To view Andy’s story, here is a link to her story in a short video.

One of the paintings of Clana Heydenrych in our S4J office, this one of a Beja boy enjoying a cup of water.

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