Vision 2020: S4J Projects

This forms part of a series of articles on the S4J. This is article 1 of the series.

The S4J team is super excited about what 2020 might hold. We aim at the start of this year to share a vision on a couple of aspects through which we trust that both the S4J family of athletes and supporters and those in the Sudans that we partner with, would be blessed.

S4J vision 2020 (1): Projects

We’re continuing with the FOUR projects established during the S4J 2019 year. Below these are just briefly mentioned to refresh our collective memory thereof. All of these projects are done in partnership with quality field partners. Working with and through them greatly increases the S4J team’s capacity to deliver support to where it’s really most needed. On our own, this work would simply NOT happen. The S4J STRONGLY believes in the value of partnering.

The Beja Peoples Project

In this, we focus on corrective eye surgeries among the Beja people.

The Bibles for the Sudans Project

We aim to fund at least 20000 Bibles during this year.

S4J Bibles Project

The S4J Children’s projects

This is focussed on children’s education in both South Sudan and Sudan.

From our partner at the New Life Ministry children Centre – South Sudan, we’ve received the following e-mail on Monday this week:

“Good morning. I hope you are both doing well. I’m thankful for this news. It’s my hope that this would be a new way for these vulnerable children to continue with their education and good living in the center without so much worry because the small blessing you are both giving it does really make so much difference again with hope for their future.

I’m so very much appreciating the funds you are giving, it’s not easy but it’s through your hard-working with love in you wanting to bring the change in these children’s lives. 

 I’m also looking forward to doing this work with you and to be giving you all the stories you might want to make this possible, with also hoping to receive you and share with you in the compound later in the future to see how God has blessed those orphans’ children in all these many years, and I will make sure the report you needed it’s also done and send to you in every time you want I promised.”

In the North, from Port Sudan, we’ve received this and much more. We’ve been heavily involved in supporting Christian education at Port Sudan before and would love to take up this challenge again. The school with which we partnered is under new management. That is very encouraging.

Water for THE Sudans Project

On the pic below is Eddie at the borehole sponsored by the S4J in Nimule. Sorry to mention that Eddie is no longer a full-time member at S4J. He still volunteers at the S4J with a grateful heart. We’re for now still connected with partners International Aid Services and still at Nimule in South Sudan through water filters.

Let’s take hands in making this vision a reality.

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