Blessing through the S4J Challenge on 1 May 2020

On 1 May 2020 you will have an opportunity to bless the people of Sudan and South Sudan through the S4J Fundraiser Challenge. Details to enter below.

The S4J serves the people of Sudan and South Sudan through, among other, four projects. These include: 1. Access to clean water. 2. Basic care and education for children. 3. Eye surgeries. 4. Bibles. These projects developed through ongoing partnering relationships with both quality field partners and local partners in Sudan & beyond over many years. More info on S4J projects here and here.

To do the S4J fundraiser challenge you have to EITHER: do a ONE-hour fitness activity OR: do a 5 km / 10 km or 15 km run. This Friday would be the first day that people in South Africa would be allowed to run outside their properties under specific regulations that will be published by the SA Government this coming Thursday. Link to the events page.

Blind Sakkie Parson is going to do an hour on his treadmill.
David and Dianne Condron is going to do it from the USA.

One of the ways you could contribute to the S4J projects, is through our page on BackaBuddy. Link to S4J on BackaBuddy.

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