Run/Walk/Exercise for Bibles!

Blessing the people of Sudan and South Sudan with the Living Word of God.

Joy through having received the Bible in Sudan.

On 15 August 2020, a Run/Walk/Exercise for Bibles is taking place. You would have the opportunity to bless the people of Sudan and South Sudan through the S4J Bibles project.

The S4J is partnering with others to print, send and deliver 60,000 New Testaments and 10,000 complete Bibles to the people of Sudan and South Sudan.

You are encouraged to enter by making a donation of R 40. Send your name and surname as well as proof of donation to Norman. Do your 5 or 10 km run or walk on 15 August, on your own in your area with all social distance measures taken into account. Send a pic or detail of your activity by 3 pm (15:00)to Nuno. No less than FOUR cash prizes of R 500-00 each, 5 x 1 kg delicious Barika Coffee (whole beans or ground beans) would be allocated during a random draw later that afternoon. The draw is administered by Nuno.

This is a wonderful opportunity to bless the people of Sudan and South Sudan with Bibles in various languages of their choice.

Here is the link to the events page. Please have a look and take part if at all possible. It takes R 5 to sponsor a NewTestament and R 16 to sponsor a complete Bible.

Leoni Karsten-Raats posted on her Facebook page: My FB friends and family. Willem and I have already enrolled for the #SudanBibleProject 🏃 ✝️ The Campaign asks that we make a donation of R40. Even if it is R 5 for the New Testament and R16 a Bible. You are not limited to just the R40 and can make bigger donations of your choice ✝️ ✔️ I’m going to walk 3 x 5 km (for my mom, dad, and Uncle Steve) next Saturday, 15 Aug 2020. ✔️ With my entry, I paid 3 x x thereby sponsoring 3 x Bibles for Sudan. ✔️ Willem is going to walk 1 x 5 km and also sponsored a Bible of R16 for Sudan. ✔️ As a family, we could help 4 people each get a Bible. How awesome is this! You can also make a difference. Let’s bring Susan’s people closer to God ✝️✝️✝️
Tian Basson recently ran 100 km on 27 June 2020 and fundraised more than R 36,000 for the S4J Bibles for Sudan project. Here are the link to his profile on BackaBuddy.

Below are some pics of previous trips with Bibles for the people of Sudan and South Sudan.

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