Supporting our Sustainability Drive

One of the critical aspects we’ve learnt through Covid-19, is that any charity / NGO HAS to create ways to be sustainable in order to serve those they’re called to serve more effectively.

We’re asking both supporters and partners to lift us to a level of higher impact through supporting our sustainability drive. What we’re specifically asking supporters and partners is for 100 people to each donate R 150 / about & $ 10 US for the next year. The aim of that is to help cover the basic operating costs of the organization. In this way, we aim to maximise our service and kingdom investment into our four S4J projects.

Here is a link to partner for 12 months with the Sudan Support Network (SSNet) in donating an amount of at least R 150 / $10 US. Be part of God’s solution in helping us to take the SSNet to the next level in all we do, to the glory of God.

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