What a Comrades Day it was!

What a blessed day the 9th of June turned out to be!!

We started the day off with a get-together at the Comrades Expo for our annual customary Team Photo. there was such an intimate vibe between friends that only our Lord could have created. The photo done we moved to the Expo hall and then the S4J support team went scouting for the best support spots.

The day started off dreary and misty but this did not last long. Team at Camperdown soon got into the Comrades spirit! We set up and waited and soon the action started…

From then on it was just lots and lots of athletes. In between the support of our S4J athletes we also managed to have some fun

We saw some very dedicated S4J athletes going by as well.

And at around 2:30pm it started petering out until the last person had come past. It was an exhausting day but so rewarding for us at S4J. Thank you to every athlete that had made our work throughout the year so worth while.

See you in August!!!!

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The story an athlete: Joan van Wyngaard

Here is wonderfully inspiring story of one of our athletes you should enjoy

Joan with Norman at the SSNET offices in Pretoria

I was told on the 12th of March 2018 that I will probably never run long distances again and that I needed urgent surgery to repair a torn labrum in my hip and other inherited defects.  I was in absolute agony and really battled to walk and could not go up or down stairs.  I used to wake up at night from pain and limped while walking. 

I decided to not go for the surgery and rather cycle while going for physical therapy and then in June 2018 I started taking Osteo eze platinum daily.  The improvement was gradual but by November 2018 I could run a marathon again and haven’t looked back since then.  This year I completed the 2 oceans and will be taking part in comrades too.  It has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life as I love running and also to my mobility in my hip (and pain). 

The product I use contains a novel new ingredient that is extracted from chicken sternum cartilage and works with your immune system to facilitate healing.  Running causes micro damage to the cartilage and although some of the popular joint supplements work in reducing pain and inflammation, it does not address the root cause of the problem.  A key component in joint destruction is when the immune system goes out of control and starts attaching the cartilage.  This is why I now use my two pronged approach – Osteo eze platinum daily for cartilage protection and osteo eze MSM for the inflammation and exercise recovery. 

These two together address not only pain and excess inflammation but also triggers the natural rebuild of your cartilage.   This is even a great prevention strategy for people without issues.  A study done in healthy individuals showed faster recovery from exercise and an increase in joint mobility.

We hope you enjoyed this advise which perhaps would be useful to you.

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We have a New-Look Website

Last week we launched our brand new website. We are so proud of how it looks. Many hours of hard work has gone into the building of this site. A special thank you to Sampie Enslin who has toiled relentlessly to get the site ready in a record time.

We have made some major improvements like:

  • Donation page more efficient
  • S4J page filled with information
  • Modernized the overall feel of the site

Do yourself a favour and pop around to www.sudansupport.org and let us know what you think by leaving us a message on this blog. We would love to know.

Eddie Howden

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The Bibles for the Sudan’s Project

We would like to give our athletes a more frequent update on the projects that are currently running at S4J. This week we will focus on the Bibles for the Sudan’s project.

One of the key projects of the S4J is Bible distribution to South Sudan and Sudan. We are aiming to sponsor 10000 Bibles to Sudan and 20000 Bibles to South Sudan at R 5 each in 2019. Currently we have 38 athletes raising funds for this project.

The the next batch of Bibles is being printed and readied for the long trip to North Africa. 10 000 Bibles will be going to Sudan and 20 000 Bibles will be delivered to a refugee camp in Kapoeta in South Sudan in the next couple of months.

A limited edition S4J Bible was launched at the recent 2019 50 km Loskop Marathon that took place on 13 April. Chanelle Retief’s father Johann and mother Cindy was at the gazebo to hand out Bibles as the Holy Spirit lead. The theme of S4J at Loskop was: celebrating the Life and Legacy of Pierre & Erika Bantjes. We created a profile so that people who wanted to donate could do so. Betsie Drost, our Financial Administrator, was representing the SSNET office at the tent. It was a most memorable day.

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A very hot Sunday!

Deloitte’s has come and gone, but I cannot shrug off the feeling of what could have been.

The day started off with glorious weather and a full and vibrant team at our water point at Pretoria Boys High. We were given enough ice,water and coldrink sachets to start the day off.

A second load of ice came at around 9am for which we were most grateful. But it soon became apparent that the water was not going to last the race. There was also no water to be had from other points. As we feared the water ran out at around 10:30am. We then resorted to other means of getting water to the athletes.

This is our Plan B.


These were not water sachets but the next best thing.I did start wondering though if the Deloitte’s Marathon was taking a huge step backward regarding organization of the even. You almost got the feeling that it was more of a hassle than the opportunity to present a premium event.

Horror stories of other mishaps at water points come trickling through via the athletes: no water, only four helpers at a table, no ice, and so on.

So to Deloitte’s: Not a great show guys!

To the athletes: It was a privilege to be of service to you!

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