S4J at Delmas Farm-Run-Walk

One of the FUN activities of the S4J team, is to BE involved at ROAD RACES. A Farm run / walk is organised for 29 July 2017 to benefit the S4J projects. Here is some more information on the event, especially to those of you who would like to participate.

More info on the event is available at this link.

Imagine! A fun run / walk on a FARM!

Appreciation is also given to the organizers of this initiative – fun run & walk, a fundraiser for S4J projects, and fellowship afterwards (kuier / braai).



S4J at the 2017 Washie 100 miler

The S4J is a community of athletes and supporters helping the people of Sudan and South Sudan. This weekend, some of the S4J athletes, supporters and friends took part in the Washie 100-mile race. Here is some of their inspiring stories.

Johan van der Merwe

“It was to freaking hard, for many reasons but mostly because I had no legs due to my 14:14 hundred miler 6 days ago!! The mind is extremely powerful! My 5th Washie win. My slowest winning time but the one I had to work for the hardest. Thank you for everyone’s support and messages.”

Suzette Venter

Suzette Venter started her Washie journey at 59 years on Friday night in Port Alfred and finisher her journey in East London the next day at 60 years old. It’s a rare occasion to change age categories during a race, and we are honoured to have been there.

“Vandag het ek nie woorde om my dankbaarheid te beskryf nie, slegs hierdie groot gevoel van genade en seën wat so moeilik is om in woorde om te sit, want dink nie daar sal ooit genoeg wees om alles te beskryf nie!

Wat ‘n ongelooflike paar dae was dit nie! Elke oomblik was gevul met soveel genade, seën, liefde en ondersteuning in oorvloed! Spesiale tye wat vir altyd onthou sal word!

Washie 2017 was ‘n absolute groot voorreg en ervaring! Dankie Hemelse Vader vir die groot eer om te kon gaan hardloop het! Dankie vir U hand van bewaring, nie net oor ons nie, maar oor elke atleet en second op die pad! Dankie dat ons tot eer van U naam kon bid, wanneer ons dit die nodigste gehad het! En dankie dat U elke tree saam met ons gegee het! U is Amazing, en ons Loof en Prys, ons U naam!

Aan Piet, my Man! Ek het absoluut net waardering vir jou! Dankie Liefie vir al jou liefde en ondersteuning! Jou positiwiteit regdeur het alles soveel makliker gemaak! Dankie dat jy so mooi na my en Peet omgesien het, en dat jy seker gemaak het ons is ten alle tye veilig en reg! Jys n man, Pappa en “second” 1000! En is ons so lief vir jou!

Peet, so verskriklik baie baie dankie vir jou! Washie sonder jou sal nie Washie wees nie! Dankie vir al jou liefde die eerste 100km! Dankie vir al die lekker lag, gesels, sing en saam huil! Jy was n ster gewees, en is ek so trots op jou! Dankie vir elke tree wat ons kon saam gee die laaste 20km! En dankie vir al jou en Pappa se liefde en omgee, veral met die voete wat so seer was, ek waardeer julle hulp en liefde so baie! Baie lief vir jou Peet!

Aan al my ander Washie vriende en deelnemers, so baie geluk! Ons is so trots op elkeen van julle, maak nie saak wat julle uitkoms was nie, julle almal bly wenners!

Aan al my onsettende en ver verby spesiale kinders, klein-kinders, vriende en familie…ek is stomgeslaan deur al julle liefde, ondersteuning, omgee en gebede! Dit was so besonders mooi om te sien en te ervaar hoe julle so n sterk ondersteunings netwerk vir ons gevorm het! Dankie vir elke gebed wat julle gebid het, dit het verseker krag en energie gegee wanneer ons dit die nodigste gehad het! Sonder julle sou dit nie moontlik gewees het nie, en waardeer ek een en elk van julle so verskriklik baie!

Aan Stefan, jou stil gebed Vrydag-middag was so spesiaal! Baie baie dankie daarvoor, dit het wondere verrig en is ek jou ewig dankbaar! Jy het verseker n direkte lyn na ons Hemelse Vader!

En dan wat n absolute groot voorreg was dit nie om op die pad te verjaar nie! Ek wou nog altyd, en het my wens waar geword die jaar! So ongelooflik baie dankie vir almal se pragtige woorde, wense, boodskappe en oproepe! Al kon ek nie self met almal praat nie, het Piet alles vir my deur gegee, en waardeer ek een en elk van julle so baie! Ek het julle liefde en seënwense in oorvloed ervaar! Ek is Geseënd net wonderlike mense in my lewe, en kan ek nie genoeg dankie se nie! Dit was vir my die grootste geskenk om die wedloop te voltooi op my verjaarsdag! Dankie Pappa God, U is Goed, Altyd!

Aan Tracy, en die hele Buffs Club, julle het nie net my wedloop, maar my hele dag ekstra spesiaal gemaak! Baie dankie vir my warm ontvangs aan die einde, my pragtige blomme en my heerlike verjaarsdag koek! Julle word so baie waardeer en kan ek nie genoeg dankie se vir julle almal nie!

Washie 2017 was n ongelooflike, onvergeetlike en geseënde avontuur, wat ekstra spesiaal gemaak is deur almal wat ek so lief het, wat so n groot bydrae daarin gehad het! Dankie Liewe Heer! Wat n Besonderse Groot Voorreg!

Baie, baie lief vir julle almal!xx”

Stefan Roodt

Link to photo here.

Washie 100 Miler, a grueling test in endurance and strength

By Louise Carter

July 10, 2017. Link to this article here.

THE atmosphere was tense as the final moments approached at the start of the 41st Washie 100 Miler, which kicked off on Friday evening. Altogether 83 athletes entered this years Washie 100 Miler, South Africa’s most grueling road race, to take on the 160 km overnight journey from Port Alfred to East London.

After completing a circular route in Port Alfred, the runners took on the R72 in a battle against distance, time and mental strength.

In the end only 65 runners completed the race with the remaining 18 not making the halfway cut off time, or withdrawing from the race.

Washie 100 Miler veteran and record holder, Johan van der Merwe came in first place with a time of 15 hours:five minutes and 42 seconds, allegedly Van der Merwe entered last minute.

Race favourite, Wandisile Nongodlwana, who ran an excellent comrades, had his debut Washie 100 Miler, and finished in a highly creditable 2nd place overall, in a good time of 16:08:16.

Max Msane finished in third place, with a time of 17:10:00. If the 160km distance wasn’t enough, Tobie Reyneke from the Magnolia Road Runners Club in Pretoria, running for a charitable cause did the Washie 100 Miler back to back. After crossing the finish line in East London with a time of 21:49:47, Reyneke ran back to Port Alfred. Reyneke ran the Washie 100 Miler back to back to raise funds and awareness for TEARS Foundation, a non profit organisation that provides access to crisis intervention, advocacy, counselling, and prevention education services for those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.

In the end a tired and weary Tobie completed the 322km circuit in a time of 62:21:08.

What we must learn from South Sudan

At the S4J it is an important reminder that, as wonderful it is to BE the S4J community of athletes and supporters, we’re called by God to make a difference in the lives of Sudanese and South Sudanese.

This week we experienced the JOY of TWO new BLOGS birthed:

1. Sudan and South Sudan News Updates. Click here to have a look: www.sudansnewsupdates.org

2. S4J [Sudan4Jesus] Blog. Click here to have a look: www.sudan4Jesus.org

This was birthed out of the frustration and pain of the “old” S4J blog that just couldn’t be re-opened. People tell me the domain name does not exist anymore. In other words, the old blog is history…gone forever. Yet, there is a way I can “walk through the building…having access to the more than 6,200 articles on that blog. You just won’t get in via the front door. That seems closed for good.

In walking through the “old blog”, I came across this article, that is a great reminder that the S4J is NOT just about being a loving and caring group of people. We’re also called to make a difference to the lives of the people of Sudan and South Sudan. This we do as part of the SSNet. Here is the link to the website, where you’ll find both SSNet AND the S4J prominently featured.

What we must learn from South Sudan

Internally displaced people gather by a water collection point in a United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Protection of Civilian site (PoC), outside the capital Juba, South Sudan, January 25, 2017. Picture taken January 25, 2017. REUTERS/Siegfried Modola

Caelin Briggs|Published 02 Jun 2017. Link to full article here.

Today the United Nations shelters 200,000 people inside its bases across South Sudan. Never before in history have tens of thousands of people sought refuge for such a long period in UN compounds. Never before have aid workers been forced to work in close proximity with armed peacekeepers under such conditions. South Sudan has reset the rules of aid operations forever.

When South Sudan celebrated its first Independence Day in the capital Juba on 9 July 2011, the 30 attending heads of state, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and western diplomats considered it an end to decades of brutal conflict. The new nation was internationally held up as a beacon of hope.

In this optimistic environment, it was easy to ignore the warning signs of conflict brewing beneath the surface. Occasional outbreaks of violence over the two years that followed were dismissed as growing pains, and as ethnic clashes without wider consequences.

Negative talk about the world’s newest nation was decidedly out of fashion. The UN and non-governmental organisations spoke of development programmes and long-term peacebuilding. Emergency aid took a back seat as South Sudan was pushed towards transition and recovery.

How catastrophically wrong we were.

When violence erupted on 15 December 2013, aid workers and UN peacekeepers found themselves woefully unprepared for the magnitude of the crisis that would follow.

Few people imagined in the following days that 30,000 South Sudanese would flee for their lives to the gates of UN peacekeeping bases across the country. Women and children arrived with only the bare essentials they could manage to carry, many of their homes destroyed in the fighting.

Announcement: S4J at 2018 Comrades Marathon

The Comrades Marathon is one of the premier ultra-marathons in the world. The date for the 2018 Comrades Marathon has been announced as 10 June 2018.

The S4J has been part of the action at Comrades since 2010. The 2018 Comrades will be our 9th year of participation at the race as a team. The team of about 100 S4J athletes are members of more than 40 running clubs.

Photo: Jan and Benita Coetzee raising the banner high for the S4J teams’ participation at the 2018 Comrades. This was taken of them, during the 2017 Comrades marathon, at the S4J Support Point at Hillcrest. Jan is the vice-captain of the S4J men’s athletes. Jan and Benita took part of the S4J fundraising campaign for Bibles for South Sudan. To have a look at how that went, click here.

To SIGN UP as part of the S4J at the 2018 Comrades, here are your options:

  1. JOIN as an ATHLETE, running the 2018 Comrades Marathon.
  2. SUPPORT  a a BUDDY to an athlete, or group of athletes, through prayer, encouragement, giving and fundraising.
  3. DONATE to the S4J FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGNS through the S4J page on BackaBuddy.
  4. SUPPORT S4J athletes at one of the S4J SUPPORT POINTS at the 2018 Comrades Marathon.

To stay connected and updated, please check at the S4J at 2018 Comrades Marathon page on Facebook.

About the S4J

The S4J is a fundraising initiative. The key focus for our fundraising year is the Comrades Marathon. Yet, S4J athletes and supporters are also using other opportunities to fundraise in support of peoples in the Sudan.

To have a look at the ABOUT page on the the S4J blog, click here.

The S4J has a monthly presence road races through a combination of athletes participating, a water-point or photo shoot at the race. The S4J was birthed out of two athletes running the Comrades Marathon in 2010. The Comrades is one of the premier ultra-marathons in the world ad is still the key point of participation annually for the S4J.

Through the WEBSITE www.sudansupport.org , BLOG  www.sudan4jesus.org , newsletters and other social media platforms we share news and stories about the S4J. We thank God for making us a community of friends working towards achieving the goal of blessing the people of Sudan and South Sudan in practical ways.

During the 2017 S4J year that runs from 1 August 2016 to 31 July 2017, our fundraising campaign consisted of TWO projects. The one was WATER for SUDAN and the other was BIBLES for SOUTH SUDAN. To read more about these projects, click on the links for the Sudan project and for the South Sudan project. The S4J team will again communicate when we launch the 2018 fundraising campaign.