Its time to give thanks for the 2017 S4J fundraising campaign

The 2017 S4J [Sudan4Jesus run] fundraising campaign ends on 31 July 2017. Yet, its already time to start giving thanks to God and everyone who participated in this year’s campaign. May the praise to God never cease. He is a good God.

The heart of the S4J is to bless the people of Sudan and South Sudan. This is how God lead the S4J to fulfill that mandate:

There are TWO countries. God connected us to TWO strategic partners. He showed us TWO projects. For each of the projects, He helped the S4J to:

  • Raise a CHAMPION for each of the two projects.
  • communicate his plan through the BackaBuddy platform.
  • raise a team of about 20 fundraising advocates. They are mostly athletes who participate in the Comrades marathon, as well as their supporters.

For Sudan, the project is: Water for Sudan.  This is about having a solar driven pump system installed and fully functional on top of a borehole that the S4J recently donated to a community.

Example of a solar driven pump system already done by the S4J partner.

For South Sudan, the project is: Bibles for South Sudan

The fundraising for each of the projects was set at R50,000. (Total of R100,000 for both).

On 17 March 2017, we made an announcement to our team via a newsletter titled A NEW WAY OF DOING S4J. At that stage, more than 7 months into the fundraising year, the fundraiser had a basis of about R21,000.

Here is the beauty of what happened during the next three months. The fundraising campaign went past R100,000. For this we’re tremendously thankful.