S4J 2019 in Review

Hello friends

What a year it has been. One of the busiest in a long time! So many up’s and down’s that I struggle to think of where to begin.

Let’s look at what we have accomplished:

Our total fundraising effort amounted to R325 852.00. This was an improvement from last year of 27%! That is a marvelous effort and we only have our great family of athletes to thank for that. Well done to you all.

At the races front we manned four more water tables than last year. We will be sticking to this list for the year to come as we had so much fun with our volunteers, St Mary’s School for Girls and the Voortrekkers who assisted us.

We will be starting off with the 2020 season at the end of August. I will be contacting you to invite you to be part of this very special family again. We also have a great announcement to make, but for that you will need to keep your eyes pealed. We will be launching in the week of 5-11 August. We are so excited here at SSNET about it. It will be enabling us to do so much more for the people of Sudan and South Sudan.

Well, that’s it for now. Have a wonderful day, month and year!

Eddie & Norman

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What a Comrades Day it was!

What a blessed day the 9th of June turned out to be!!

We started the day off with a get-together at the Comrades Expo for our annual customary Team Photo. there was such an intimate vibe between friends that only our Lord could have created. The photo done we moved to the Expo hall and then the S4J support team went scouting for the best support spots.

The day started off dreary and misty but this did not last long. Team at Camperdown soon got into the Comrades spirit! We set up and waited and soon the action started…

From then on it was just lots and lots of athletes. In between the support of our S4J athletes we also managed to have some fun

We saw some very dedicated S4J athletes going by as well.

And at around 2:30pm it started petering out until the last person had come past. It was an exhausting day but so rewarding for us at S4J. Thank you to every athlete that had made our work throughout the year so worth while.

See you in August!!!!

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